Friday, August 24, 2012


The report sign-ups have been posted to the web at Please check to see that your choice is listed correctly.

. When you present your report to the class, keep in mind that it should be short: 5-7 minutes maximum. You can also team up with another class member, if you choose to do so. If you do, you may combine the number of allotted minutes (e.g., 2 people could have up to 10-14 minutes), although you do not have to do so. 

2. You can use PowerPoint or other presentation tools, but they are not required. If you use PowerPoint, you need to upload it to a presentation site such as Slideshare, email the presentation to me no later than 9 p.m. on the day before the report, or bring your own computer. 

3. If you choose the report option, you'll also prepare a one-page "fact sheet" to hand out to the class. This should include the following:

Information (bibliography) on your sources.

An outline, timeline, or summaries of information about articles you've read. You should include at least one critical article or book in preparing your report.

Your presentation may focus on something you wish to work on for your paper. You may also want to work on one of the following: 

Additional information about the social, intellectual, artistic, scientific, philosophical, or historical contexts for the works and authors assigned in class.

Interpretations of works or aspects of a work not read in class.

Introductions to authors not specifically covered in the course.

Discussion of one or more critical works relating to the era. Using information from Wikipedia or other general sources is not sufficient.

Background about the social and intellectual connections among certain groups of authors.

Note: These are suggested topics, but you're welcome to choose your own in consultation with me.

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